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MGA Welcomes New SA Government

19 March 2018

MGA Independent Retailers (Master Grocers Australia) welcomes the new Liberal Government in South Australia, after 16 years in opposition.

Jos de Bruin, CEO of Master Grocers Australia said, “The new Government has a great opportunity to champion the needs of hundreds of small businesses in South Australia. Many MGA members who are independent retailers have suffered enormous stress from the energy crisis that has swept through all states, but S.A. in particular. We believe that the new Liberal Government will provide a confident path forward as it deals with the cost burdens that have been borne by so many family enterprises and private businesses”.

Mr. de Bruin continued, “Family enterprises and private businesses (small businesses) need to have a strong voice as they struggle against the strength of their larger more powerful counterparts.

We believe that the Liberal Government, with Mr. Marshall at the helm, will give our members, independent supermarket owners and operators, the support and certainty that they need if South Australia is to remain great into the future.” 

“We applaud Mr Marshall and his team on their success and we look forward to working with the new government in its quest to assist MGA members and all small businesses in South Australia to build a great state. “


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MGA Independent Retailers
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