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Current Concerns

Here are some current issues that MGA is working on:

  • Competition Policy Review - the next steps

    April 2015

    MGA has been reviewing the contents of the Harper Review Final Report. We are pleased that the Panel has included an effects test, which may help to combat the power of the chains and restore a competitive level playing field for our independent supermarket and liquor store members.  We are currently analysing a number of aspects of the Report associated with the effects test which may prove effective in combatting anti-competitive conduct. We are required to draft a response to the Final Report and we will advise members when that is completed.

  • South East Queensland application for extended trading hours

    March 2015

    MGA has commenced preparations to oppose an application to merge and extend trading hours in south east Queensland over 10 regions. We are meeting with local Councils throughout the region to promote our opposition to the claim and we will be seeking members to be witnesses in the case. We have engaged Ms. Helen Spain in Queensland to make contact with the Councils and approach local businesses and retailers throughout the SE Queensland area in order to build our opposition to the claim. You can view the details of the application here.

  • Tobacco plain paper packaging

    February 2015

    Plain packaging of cigarettes has now been operational in stores since 2012. The Department of Health is undertaking a post-implementation review and will attempt to determine the effects on stakeholders and the benefits of the measures. The review period is now underway and MGA will make comments as part of the review.